Ashley and Tanner

Joined together in life and work, Ashley and Tanner started Hyphen with a deep belief that humans need good design, and design needs good humans.

Tanner, with a background in Industrial Design, applies his ingenuity of materials and his affection for all forms of design to explore environmental design and branding. Ashley, with a background in architecture and landscape architecture, blossomed for the last ten years in the world of editorial design.

Having built experience in a variety of design expertises and scales, Hyphen approaches all projects through the lens of ingenuity, honesty, and craftsmanship. From a logomark to the built environment, paying attention to the details creates a more excellent, more beautiful whole.

We listen first and speak second. We ask the right questions to imagine on your behalf. We take seriously an excellent process in partnership with an invested client relationship.

Together, let’s create good work that serves for the good of all humans.

We are: honest, hard-working, rooted, intuitive, curious, light-hearted.

We believe: magic happens at the connection of two opposing things:

Structured - yet - Whimsical  
Industrious - yet - Playful
Modernist - yet - Eclectic
Audacious - yet - Humble
Nostalgic - yet - Visionary

© hyphen 2021
Charlottesville, Virginia
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